Thinking about sticker printing? You never know where your stickers co
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Thinking about sticker printing? You never know where your stickers co

17 Mar, 2020

Thinking about sticker printing? You never know where your stickers could end up...

Thinking about sticker printing? You never know where your stickers could end up...

Marketing your brand has never been easier to do than it is today, with the likes of website building and social media being more accessible for young brands than ever before. But with so many people using the same mediums, the forward-thinking marketers amongst us are reverting to more old-school methods to spread the name of their band, record label, company or simply, their brand.

Cheap sticker printing has become something of a go-to method of marketing in recent years, with the chance to make a custom printed sticker offering an opportunity for designers to express themselves with something a little more physical. But where would these custom stickers show up? That's completely up to you and whoever else may get their hands on your printed stickers, which is the simple beauty of this age-old marketing technique. As an example of just how effective sticker marketing can be, here are four places your stickers could end up.


If you want to see an interesting collection of stickers, UK coffee shops are a fine place to do so. With the rise of freelance working and the gig economy, more people are working remotely from coffee shops and other working hubs. And what have they got on their laptops? Custom labels and stickers, of course. Whether they are promoting their own brand or perhaps expressing themselves with something like vinyl stickers handed out by a fashion label, they are proving that stickers are a visible effective means of getting your brand out there.

Mobile phones

The only electronic device more common out and about than a laptop is, of course, a mobile phone. In a world where so many of us have the same smartphone, people look to something like a paper printed sticker to make their phone stand out a little more. With custom sticker brands in the UK offering a range of sizes and styles, your specially made die-cut paper stickers could fit on the back of a smartphone just right.

Vinyl stickers tend to be a good option for sticking on smartphones, too, as the nature of how phones are used requires quite a durable sticker to be able to deal with coming into contact every time someone wants to update their Facebook status or take a selfie.

Sticker printing for packaging

Cheap sticker printing does not just have to mean handing your stickers out for others to use. This method is also used by companies who want to brand every little thing they do, such as placing them on the packaging. If your business requires you to send a lot of mail, you can use water-resistant labels on the outside of envelopes and parcels to add a more personal touch to all of your orders.

Also, when it comes to packaging, most printers will be able to create customed or personalised price labels as well, so shop-owners can expect to be able to brand even the finest details of the products in their store. Branding can be all about these little touches that go a long way.


Your surroundings can be made into your blank canvas with the right sticker and, no matter what town or city you live in, getting some stickers about the place can go a long way to improving your brand awareness and brand recognition. Even seeing a sticker with your brand on it can strike up a conversation by two passers-by, and there are few better ways to get your name out there than via word of mouth. Waterproof stickers are readily available and tend to be tough and durable to fight against the elements.

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