The Power Of Old School Sticker Marketing
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The Power Of Old School Sticker Marketing

07 Sep, 2018

The Power Of Old School Sticker Marketing

Living in today's ever-advancing digital era, most businesses prefer to present their marketing strategies online or through social media. Whilst it is true that this action plan is proven to be successful as most of us seem to heavily rely on the internet today, you can never go wrong in going back to the basics every now and then. If you're wanting to achieve your business' success, do not underestimate or overlook the power of the old-school method of sticker marketing.

Marketing is all about building relationships and communicating what makes your brand different, whilst sticker marketing is an inexpensive, high-exposure marketing strategy to strengthen those connections. Printed paper stickers have been utilised by many for over 65 years, for purposes such as helping politicians get elected, building companies, advertising, increasing exposure and many more. Apart from being a low-cost solution, utilising stickers is such a fun way to reinforce your brand and highlight a sale or promotion. The problem is, even with the long-lasting features of waterproof stickers or the low-cost efficiency of paper labels, marketers do not pay enough attention to this sticky marketing tool.

Here we have compiled the top 6 reasons why you, as a marketer, should not disregard this powerful, low-cost marketing tool:

  • Sparks conversation
Stickers have a way of creating a buzz and sparking a conversation. Studies have shown that about 90% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. This means that with impactful printed stickers such as water-resistant labels, your brand can gain exposure through off-line recommendations.

  • Place and promote
Stickers are one of the most cost-effective ways to brand your products, packaging, signage and serviced equipment. Since you must not solely rely on others to advocate your message and brand, sticker marketing strategy is such an effective and impressive way of doing it yourself.

  • Physical form of social media
Long before Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, people have already been posting, pinning, tagging and starting conversations with stickers. Once carefully planned, designed and distributed properly, this powerful marketing medium can generate continual low-cost exposure and create an impression.
  • An interactive 'gift'
Compared with other promotional mediums such as brochures, business cards and flyers, stickers have a higher perceived value no matter if they're handed out or mailed to your customers. This means that instead of getting viewed as an advertising medium, your clients perceive them as gifts which immediately engage them and make it harder for them to throw away.

  • Supports other marketing mediums
Stickers can always be leveraged in other ways to enhance and support your other marketing strategies such as incorporating valuable information or other promotions on the back. Additionally, this effective marketing tool is proven to raise the open rates of direct mail and strengthen communities and awareness of a particular message.

  • Personal Endorsements
    Advertising tends to lean more on permission and connection based models and sometimes it gets lost in a sea of other pitches which usually makes it no longer cost-effective. What's amazing about stickers are, they are not perceived as advertising at all when displayed. They become personal endorsements, badges of support for a message, product or organization.

If you're seeking a reliable company that supplies high quality printed labels and stickers at affordable prices, look no further and browse through StickerShop today. We are a team of digital print experts, based in the UK who specialise in different varieties of printed labels and stickers. Questions? Call us on 01275 217 100 or send us an email at

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