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The Power of a Custom Label - StickerShop

07 May, 2019

The Power of a Custom Label

The advent of personalised labels for use in marketing and promotional campaigns is fast changing the way businesses and brands communicate with their customer base. 

The use of custom labels for your products complements and expresses your brand. They not only make the brand appealing but also identifiable. Labels and stickers are all branding materials that are ideal for the promotion and marketing of businesses.

While most labels come in a fixed size and style, makers of custom printed labels like us at The StickerShop offer you the opportunity to customise your labels and stickers to your desired size, style, and shape.  

Why Custom Labels
There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing custom stickers and labels from The StickerShop for your business. The power of a custom label in driving brand identity cannot be fully discussed in this short piece, but nonetheless, it is important to understand that prominent markers such as logos, slogans and mottos can be printed on custom stickers to serve as mobile marketing tools for your brand.

To further buttress the point, we have outlined some of the key reasons to choose custom printed stickers.

  • Mobile Marketing
While most small and large businesses continue to grapple with rising marketing costs, custom labels and stickers offer businesses a bit of respite. These can be placed on virtually any surface and get the message passed along easily.
  • Product Appeal
Colourful custom stickers make your product appealing to the consumer. It’s human nature to gravitate towards items that have better packaging and impressive artwork. Custom printed labels achieve the dual purpose of creating customer appeal while also helping to advertise the product or offers being run by the company.
  • Flexibility 
With custom labels, you have all the flexibility to choose how and what you want on your personalised labels. At The StickerShop, you can customise waterproof stickers and printed labels for your business. We even offer you full control of how and when you want the items delivered.
  • Affordability 
Often times, when placing bulk orders, you’re likely get a discount from the vendor. The more you order, the cheaper the price. As a result of the way stickers and labels are produced, it is easier to make them in large quantities compared to making them as a one-off. Simply put, larger orders imply bigger discounts for the customer, and more profit for the printer, making it a win-win scenario.
  • Brand Identity Development 
When you opt for stickers and labels for your marketing plan, you will find yourself thinking hard and long about who your target audience is. Where does your target audience often spend their time? And many more questions that beg for answers. While these questions might seem tough to answer, they help ensure that your marketing efforts are geared towards a goal.
Custom Labels from StickerShop
The Sticker Shop offers customers a range of custom labels and stickers to choose from, customise, and have delivered to them. 

Our shop is based in Bristol and serves its immediate community and the whole of the United Kingdom. We are professional custom printed labels and stickers makers. We offer 2-day delivery for our products, and for some, we can get your ideas out in print in a day.

There is more to what we offer at Sticker Shop. While it might seem easy, we offer businesses and individuals custom stickers and labels of the highest quality at the shortest possible time. We can customise your labels in a huge range of finishes, adhesives, materials, sizes, shapes and colours without compromise!

For all your custom labels, waterproof stickers and personalised label needs, you can count on us to deliver as promised and promptly. Speak to a customer service representative on 01275 217100, or contact us via Live Chat, or send us mail at, or fill our contact us form to learn how to get started.

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