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Labels That We Love: Tea Labels | StickerShop

23 Jun, 2022

Labels That We Love 6 - Tea Labels

At StickerShop, we love labels. And we think brilliant label design is worth shouting about. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight some of our favourites in a series celebrating the uniqueness, beauty and aesthetics of outstanding labels.

This time we’re focusing on that best-loved beverage: tea. Produced from the dried leaves and buds of a type of camelia plant, our favourite hot drink has been enjoyed worldwide for thousands of years. But we’re here to take a closer look at the tea labels on some outstanding brews, from spiced Masala chai to good old British breakfast!

Nuditea - Masala Chai


Nudi Tea Masala Chai Tea Label

“Like yoga for your insides,” claims the Nuditea website. And the simplicity of the packaging design certainly puts us into a zen-like state. From the choice of ‘nude’ neutrals to the simple interplay of strong geometric shapes, this design is as uplifting and relaxing as the tea inside the package. 

Why we love it: The interlocking triangle logo is consistent across the brand, bringing to mind balance and harmony – as well as the shape of a traditional Chinese tea cup. And the choice of a warm and spicy terracotta instantly conjures up the blend within.

Teapigs - Peppermint


Tea Pigs Peppermint Tea Sticker Design

There’s something effortlessly authentic and appealing about the Teapigs Peppermint packaging. The simple drawing of a boiled sweet cleverly evokes the flavour profile. And the clean lines of the san serif font make it easy to read the product information.

Why we love it: This label is consistent with the authenticity of the Teapigs brand but with its own unique twist. It’s a perfect example of how less can definitely be more when it comes to effective label design.

Devon Tea Company - Devon Breakfast


Devon Breakfast Tea Label Design

The Devon Tea Company is passionate about the quality of their tea, and that attention to detail extends to their packaging. Their Devon Breakfast packaging is traditional with a twist. A clean, modern font and simple leaf design adorn a rectangular label with plenty of white space for enhanced readability. 

Why we love it: The use of soothing green to delineate the tea type and the smart black stripe adds a contemporary vibe to a classic label design.

Bird & Blend - Pure Grade Matcha


Bird & Blend Matcha Tea Container Sticker

This tea promises to give you energy, and the label certainly gives you a jolt. To begin with, the bold electric blue really pops against the pure white. Then, the bold font and clean lines make a big statement. And finally, we really like Bird & Blend’s clever abstract logo.

Why we love it: The total effect is seamless and modern, and another example of why keeping it simple works brilliantly if you want to create a proper buzz around your product.

Bristol Tea Company - Jasmine Silver Pearls


Bristol Tea Company Jasmine Tea Packaging Sticker

Jasmine Silver Pearls is a unique tea with a unique and beautiful label to match. The use of black and maroon invokes the idea of traditional Chinese lacquered furniture, while the logo looks like a stylised camellia flower. The addition of a hint of silver on this classic rectangular label hints at everyday luxury.

Why we love it: From the silver band to the elegant font, this evocative label hints at the unique tea within the package.

Jeeves & Jericho - Spiced Bombay Chai Twin


Jeeves & Jericho - Spiced Bombay Tea Sticker

With its unusual oval banded shape and bold colour palette of bronze and white on black, the label on this small-batch artisan brewed tea definitely commands attention. The tea claims to have a ‘powerful balance of comforting flavours’, and the label definitely makes a powerful impact by balancing bold elements perfectly.

Why we love it: This label dares to be different with bold black and bronze metallics. If you don’t want to play it safe, this is excellent inspiration!

Want to make your own tea labels?

We hope you enjoyed our latest deep dive into labels we love. Check back soon for more great labels, and in the meantime, visit Sticker Shop for all your sticker printing needs!




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