How To Design Cosmetic Stickers
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How To Design Cosmetic Stickers

25 Jun, 2021

How to design cosmetic stickers

If you've created a great skincare product and want to start marketing, you'll need labels. But not just any packaging will do. Your labelling needs to be appealing, informative and able to stand up to the rigours of daily use. So how do you design cosmetic stickers that will get your customers talking?

What's on the label?

Before you start thinking about design, check out Article 19 of EC Regulation No. 1223/2009. These regulations tell you what needs to appear on your cosmetics labels, including instructions for use, ingredients, weight and any precautions.

You can also include other labelling claims that attract your target audience like 'alcohol-free', 'organic' or 'vegan'. But, of course, you'll need to make sure they're truthful, or your product could be in trouble before you launch.

You'll also need to include the name and address of your company and the expiration date of the product. Check the labelling on similar products to make sure you're getting it right.

One size doesn't fit all

Now you need to think about all the different packaging you're going to need, including jars, tubes and pump bottles. Each container will need a different size and even shape of the sticker.

With Sticker Shop, you can build your printed cosmetics labels from the ground up, so you can use the exact specifications you need for different types of labelling. That way, you establish a unique and consistent look for your branding from the start.

Just make sure you use precise measurements to get the effect you want on every piece of packaging you use.

Pump up your brand with label personalisation

Thanks to modern print technology, you're not limited to one type of sticker to create the look you need.

Matte white stickers are a classic. The smooth, non-gloss surface is ideal for any packaging application and gives your cosmetic stickers plenty of styles. Think elegant Chanel labelling for inspiration.

Suppose you're using vivid graphics, and you really want them to pop. In that case, a photo-quality gloss paper adds that element of shine and glamour. Glossy labels are often perceived as having a premium look and feel.

Love the invisible, printed-on look of clear vinyl? Select when you order to add another packaging option for products in your range.

If you want to add extra style and pizazz to your outer packaging, opt for personalised die-cut shapes or add some extra gloss with stunning foiled stickers.

Give them permanence

You want your cosmetic stickers to remain in place, even when the product is finished. That's when you need premium waterproof stickers, especially if your products are designed to be used in the bathroom.

Our waterproof stickers are printed on 100-micron waterproof vinyl with a higher grade than our premium paper stickers. This material gives your labelling the permanence you need to make an impact. And your products can go anywhere from the beach to the bottom of your handbag without missing a beat.

You can also choose our extra-permanent adhesive, which means your label will stay put on any container surface, whatever happens.

Five quick tips for eye-catching label designs

Define your brand: is your product funky and family-friendly, or are you aiming for a high-end, minimalist vibe?

Choose your colours: make sure these match your brand personality but stand out from the competition.

A brand with fonts: script fonts are feminine, serif fonts are classic, sans serif fonts are contemporary.

Use images: strong imagery can tell your customers everything they need to know at a glance.

Get inspired by cosmetic packaging you love and remember the three layers - the outer packaging when you ship and order, the inner packaging on the product box and the product packaging on the bottle or tube itself.

Are you looking to create cosmetic stickers? At StickerShop, you can split your cosmetic labels and stickers across multiple designs for no extra cost, so you have every product covered. Shop online today or drop us a message for more info on our complete sticker range.

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