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Fluorescent Stickers: Why You Should Use Them!

28 Apr, 2021

Fluorescent stickers: Why use them!

Fluorescent, dayglo, hi-vis, neon - whatever you call them, these stickers are made to be seen. Fluorescent stickers in red, orange, green and yellow deliver a pop of colour that will elevate anything above the everyday.

Here's why you need to use fluorescent stickers on anything and everything!

Stand out from the crowd with fluorescent stickers  

So why are fluorescent stickers so visible? It's all about the way that fluorescent colours reflect the light. For example, standard orange and green stickers absorb light and then reflect up to 90% of it back as colour.

But fluorescents contain fluorophore molecules. These can absorb light from the visible and invisible spectrum - up to 300% more than standard colours. The light agitates the molecules. They start to fluoresce, throwing back all that extra light that's now visible to the human eye. That's what makes the colours look as if they're glowing.

How effective are fluorescent stickers?

Fluorescent stickers stand out from the crowd. They work best in contrast with dark colours and are highly visible in daylight. But if you want stickers that show up in the dark, go for a combination of fluorescent and reflective finishes so you can be seen and be safe.

Neon labels make a big impression when you want your products to stand out from the competition. Make your products easier to find with a creative shape and a pop of fluorescent colour - in tests, people noticed fluorescent colours faster than standard ones.
Why should I use fluorescent stickers?

The great thing about using bright dayglo colours is that they have so many different uses. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking creatively:
  • Food and drink labelling
  • Phone and laptop labelling
  • Special promotions and discounts
  • Point of sale displays
  • Health and safety stickers
  • Emergency and warning stickers
There's a reason that construction, industry and emergency services all use fluorescent colours. Those neon brights show up, stand out and make a stunning impact when you need to get important information across.

But they also have a fresh and funky vibe that makes them a great choice when you want to pimp your guitar case, phone, skateboard, motorcycle helmet, and so much more.

When not to use fluorescent stickers

You can use your stickers anywhere and everywhere, but fluorescent materials do have a lifespan. Generally, they'll last for 2 years indoors and 6 months outdoors.

Remember those excitable fluorophore molecules? The ones that give neon colours their incredible brightness? They eventually wear out when continually exposed to direct sunlight.

That's why we recommend using fluorescent stickers indoors:
  • Point of sale displays and price reductions that grab the attention
  • Construction site warning stickers
  • 'Fragile' and 'handle with care' stickers that you can't miss
  • Colour coding tools, office files and important papers at a glance
Custom sticker design

Fluorescent stickers make a significant impact when you use their insane brightness wisely. And they pair best with high contrast black backgrounds and fonts when you need to see a message at a glance.

Our interactive product builder lets you get started fast, creating anything from candle labels to takeaway stickers:
  1. Choose your shape and sticker size on paper or vinyl
  2. Make your choice of fluorescents and contrasting colours
  3. Choose your finishing options and quantity of stickers
  4. Upload your artwork
  5. Get your live price and make your order
At StickerShop, we deliver fast turnaround with no hidden charges. Our premium paper stickers are eco-friendly, and we'll send you a free sample pack so you can see for yourself. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch today!

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