Five places to put your custom printed stickers for greater brand expo
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Five places to put your custom printed stickers for greater brand expo

21 Nov, 2019

Five places to put your custom printed stickers for greater brand exposure

Five places to put your custom printed stickers for greater brand exposure

Custom stickers are a great, novel way to get your brand in front of an audience. There are many applications for their use that offer greater brand exposure. So, here are some of those ideas for your business, to see if you can improve marketing through the use of custom sticker printing.

1. On packaging

Amazon is a great example of how a sticker on packaging can help with marketing. Every time they send out a package, they use Amazon tape to advertise that it’s one of their packages. While the tape might be a little too big for your brand, a smaller custom sticker might be a great option.

Stickers on packaging allow you to add pride, prestige and professionalism to the package. It also markets it to anyone who sees it, from couriers to neighbours. You can add nice messages onto the label that add to your brand’s story without using the generic ‘fragile’ or ‘delicate items’ on there.

2. On letters

If you send out correspondence to customers, why not add a few stickers to the letter? The customer will open your letter and be given a reminder as to who you are and your branding. Plus children love to collect stickers and will probably use them, which will add to long-term memory recall of your branding, and exposure when other people see them using those stickers.

You can choose fun custom stickers or those with an important message (such as dates/times for an open day).

3. On equipment

Do you travel to client or customer premises? If you do, you’re bound to take some equipment with you. Whether it is a calculator or laptop, that is prime advertising space and the perfect location to add a sticker with your brand name/message on it.

It looks professional and it helps with memory recall. If you leave any items behind for promotion, such as quotes and catalogues, you can attach stickers to these to make them stand out more.

4. On products

If you’re a retailer, very few of the products you sell will have your branding on it. So, what is to stop your customers from going somewhere else next time they need a similar product? Why not use the space on the packaging of the product to promote your brand and help them remember where they bought their products from?

Just remember, when placing the stickers make sure you aren’t placing them over important information or disguising the product. Customers can get frustrated when they don’t recognise their favourite products or if important information is covered.

5. On customers

One of the simplest ways to expose more people to your brand and take advantage of peer recommendations is to give stickers to your customers to wear. Create an interesting sticker using one of the many shapes available and add a message that is intriguing but also identifies your brand.

As those customers who accepted a sticker walk around after interacting with you, others will see it and may be encouraged to learn more about your brand. This is a simple but effective way to market your brand and is particularly good if you’re at trade shows, fairs or other public events.


Custom printed stickers are a great way for you to expose your brand to more people and generate better leads and more sales. There are numerous applications for them, including giving them to customers to wear and play with to using them on equipment to promote your brand. All you need to do is design a custom label or sticker that is representative of your brand and use your imagination on their usage.

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