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Design your custom Christmas stickers! | StickerShop

17 Dec, 2021

Design your own custom Christmas sticker sheets!

Christmas is coming! The time of gift-giving is upon us, and here at StickerShop, we think there’s no better way to show your love than adding a touch of personalisation to a present. A personal touch shows your loved one how well you know them, and lets them know you care.

And that’s exactly why custom sticker sheets make such a great addition to the holiday season. Not sure how? We’ve put together a few ideas for custom sticker designs and some fun activities you can do with them this Christmas.

Ideas for stickers

The best part of designing your own stickers is the personalisation. If your child really loves dinosaurs, or your dad is a big fan of gardening, why not design some stickers to suit their tastes? 

On the other hand, a personalised message could make a really great sticker design for a gift. Every family has their inside jokes — why not immortalise one with a sticker on your cupboard?

Got any funny photos of your family and friends? Printing them on stickers is bound to give them a laugh. And they come in sheets, which means everyone can get a sticker of that photo of your dog making a funny face.

Fun for games and family time

One of the biggest benefits of stickers is how versatile they are. You can stick them anywhere, which makes them a great option for decorating anything, from water bottles to phone cases.

But gifts aren’t the only thing that stickers are good for! We’ve put together some suggestions for other fun ways to use custom sticker sheets this Christmas.

Prizes for games

Raise the stakes on your Christmas party this year by offering custom stickers as prizes. Whether it’s winners only or consolation prizes for the losers, rewards add an extra layer of fun to your party games.

Get crafty

If you have young children who enjoy crafts, or even just feel like making some memories with friends, arts and crafts are a great Christmas activity. Get crafty with a Christmas sticker scrapbook, decorate a bullet journal, or add a flair to a photo album with personalised stickers.

Board games

Now’s the time to get all the family together for a game of Monopoly or Cluedo. Printed custom stickers with all the players’ faces (or something else to represent them) are a great way to add some personalisation to the game. Just take care it doesn’t start any family feuds! 

Christmas crackers

Why not make your own Christmas crackers this year? You get to choose the goodies (and the bad jokes!) that go inside, and custom stickers make a great surprise to find in a cracker. Not only are homemade crackers unique, but they also create less waste. Add our biodegradable stickers to the mix and you’ve got yourself some eco-friendly festive fun.

How to design your stickers

So you’d love to design yourself some custom Christmas stickers, but how do you do it?

Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional to design your own custom stickers — we’ve got it down to an art. Our interactive sticker sheet builder makes it super quick and easy to design your sticker.

Just choose the technical specifications — paper size, material, finish, adhesive, and quantity — then upload the image or images you want printed, and we’ll take it from there. What’s more, we’ll send you a PDF proof of your sticker design before we print, just to make sure it’s exactly as you’d like it. The only limit is your imagination!

Of course, Christmas isn’t the only time to make custom stickers, either. Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it — Sticker Shop has you sorted for custom stickers. Browse our products for more ideas, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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