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Custom Sticker Decorations For Memorable Business Events | StickerShop

09 Jun, 2023

Custom sticker decorations to help your event leave its mark

Promotional stickers are ideal for businesses that want to stand out. And using eye-catching business stickers at events and conferences is a fun and effective way to promote your business. Not sure how to get started? We have seven great ideas for using sticker decorations as a marketing device.

So let's look more closely at using and designing business stickers to make a mark at your next event.

How can stickers support your business event?

Stickers are a highly cost-effective and easy way to get noticed. You can buy event stickers in bulk and customise them in any way you need. Plus, they're easy to peel off for reuse. Add a creative and eye-catching design, and you'll quickly create a buzz and become a must-have. 

Want to create a real buzz about your business? Try these simple ways to incorporate event stickers into your next business event campaign. 

Covetable swag

Promotional stickers are perfect for swag bags. After all, who can resist a freebie? And you never know where your stickers could end up, extending your marketing reach. 

Add an offer

Promo stickers are a clever way to get your business noticed. Add a tempting offer or promo news to make your sticker highly interactive and engaging. 

Rethink the business card

Elevate your business cards by turning them into business stickers. You’ll create a long-lasting impression with plenty of reach. And a sticker keeps your contact details close at hand to generate leads. 

Be your brand advocate

Add your branded promotional stickers to everything on your stand, from laptops to water bottles. Add your socials if you want to extend your online reach. It’s an easy way to keep promoting your business long after the event has finished.

Match your sticker to your business

Try matching your sticker to your business. For example, use eco-friendly stickers if you’re promoting sustainability. Or try waterproof stickers for an outdoor adventure business. The possibilities are endless! 

Create customised event packaging

If you're promoting a new product, why not customise your packaging with a custom sticker? Remember to add event details and your contact number. That way, you remind your customers where they bought it to keep your business top of mind. 

Designing your business stickers: top tips

You know how to use your stickers. But designing a standout sticker can seem a challenging task. Fortunately, with these top design tips, you’ll get the most out of your business stickers:


  • Plan ahead: Great design takes planning. So have your end goal in mind before you start. Start with your target customer and design to their taste. Then nail your key messaging with them in mind. It’s an easy way to capture their interest and get them talking about your stickers.

  • Simplicity is critical: Don't try and pack every design element into your business stickers. Remember, they're a single element in your marketing strategy, so keep the design uncluttered and impactful.

  • Consider size and shape: Event stickers come in a massive array of shapes, sizes and forms. Every design element adds value to your brand, so ensure you match your custom shape to your business aims.

  • Keep it consistent: Brand awareness depends on repeating the same visuals consistently across all your marketing. So use your business colours, fonts and logo to develop a strong visual association with your brand.

  • Remember the CTA: You want your customers to take action when they receive your business stickers. So always include a CTA with a number or website to convert new leads.

Make your event memorable with custom promo stickers from StickerShop

Promo stickers are a highly effective way to make every event memorable. And the StickerShop makes it easy to design and customise standout business stickers that showcase your brand. Upload your artwork, and start designing your custom stickers today.



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