5 Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Waterproof Vinyl Stickers
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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

12 Oct, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are a fantastic strategy to increase awareness of your brand and its current marketing offers. Using high-quality waterproof vinyl stickers can give you the extra leverage in terms of the limitless possibilities in applications. You can use these types of stickers in indoor and outdoor settings without the worry that they will fade or be damaged by too much sun exposure or rain. 
Check out these clever ideas on how to use waterproof vinyl stickers to promote your brand.
Custom logo stickers 

These logo stickers make a handy, handsome freebie for your customers when they make a purchase from your store, they can be incorporated into the packaging of online orders, or as a giveaway during trade shows and special events. Customers will love the colourful and cool designs of your waterproof vinyl stickers, that they can stick on anything. Unknowingly, they become effective brand ambassadors for your brand. 
Use as a label for your business equipment 
Go trigger happy around your store and label all your tools and equipment with your branded vinyl stickers. Stick them on your office laptops, cash registers, waste bins, tables, staplers, printers, anywhere! Other than the decorative aspect, it also doubles as a functional strategy to keep tabs on your business property. 
Window stickers
Window decals are like free billboards for you to take advantage of. They work for you 24 hours a day, seven days of the week, even when your store is actually closed. People passing by your storefront are visually informed about your brand and the type of products and services that you offer. 

For optimum impact on potential customers, make sure your window stickers are:
  • Big enough to be visible from a significant distance
  • Creative and eye-catching. Display essential information, such as business or store hours, contact information and the range of services and products available.
Car stickers 
Whether it is for your business’ delivery vehicle, your own personal car or something that customers would love to stick on their own cars, creating branded vehicle stickers is an absolute must for every business. It is a free roving advertisement for your brand in front of potential customers who will have a visual memory of your business and result in instant brand recognition. Waterproof vinyl stickers are excellent for this application because of their temperature and weather resistant features.
Wall and floor decals
Maximize your brand exposure by using every inch of space in your place of business to promote it. Print on slogans and sale offers on the floor or on the wall for all your customers to see. It is highly recommended that the design is something they would love to take a photo of and share on social media for added brand exposure. Waterproof vinyl stickers can endure foot traffic.
Get free sample packs
For professional sticker printing, the StickerShop can help you. Take advantage of our free sample packs or request for custom printed samples of your artwork before placing an actual order. See your own design in a selection of our most popular label materials, finishes and adhesives in a sample pack. This will not only help you choose which material works best for you but gives us the chance to show you what we’ve got in terms in the quality of our prints and services.
For enquiries, please give us a call on 01275 217100, email us at hello@stickershop.co.uk, or check out our website for our range of products and services and to chat with our team online.

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