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Supplied on Sheets
All of our round printed labels and stickers are supplied on handy A4 sheets.
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All of our round labels and stickers are available to purchase online right away.

Matt stickers, often known as 'matte stickers', are an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated and understated look. The term 'matt' refers to a non-glossy finish that diffuses light, giving these stickers a smooth and elegant appearance. This matt effect not only adds a touch of class but also prevents glare, making the text and graphics easy to read from any angle.

These stickers are ideal for a variety of uses, including branding, promotional activities, or personal projects. The subtle, non-reflective surface of matte stickers is particularly well-suited for a professional and refined look. Additionally, they are less prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, maintaining a clean and consistent appearance over time.

Matte stickers offer a unique visual appeal that stands out in its own quiet way. They are a versatile choice for anyone wanting to convey a message with clarity and elegance, without the extra shine. Whether used indoors or outdoors, matte effect stickers provide a stylish and effective solution for a range of sticker needs.
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