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Supplied on Sheets
All of our round printed labels and stickers are supplied on handy A4 sheets.
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All of our round labels and stickers are available to purchase online right away.

Glossy stickers, often referred to as 'gloss stickers', are a popular choice for those looking to add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to their designs. The term 'gloss' in this context refers to the shiny and reflective finish that these stickers possess. This glossy finish not only enhances the colours, making them more vivid and striking, but also adds a level of sophistication and quality to the overall appearance.

Glossy stickers are perfect for a variety of applications, whether it's for branding, promotional use, or personal projects. The shiny surface is highly appealing and tends to draw more attention compared to matte finishes. We have different materials depending if they are for indoor or outdoor use. Glossy stickers are a versatile option for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their stickers.
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