Why vinyl stickers are the best choice for your business
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Why vinyl stickers are the best choice for your business

14 Aug, 2019

Why vinyl stickers are the best choice for your business

Why choose vinyl?

The truth is that paper stickers just have a lot fewer uses than vinyl. They are easily ruined when wet, and they can be messy to remove. They might make a great choice for indoor labels, but vinyl stickers and vinyl labels offer durable, high-quality and professional-looking stickers with colours that stay vivid over time.

Laminated vinyl makes for great waterproof stickers, making them the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use. Choose a high-quality sticker printing service and you’ll receive vinyl stickers that are scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

Why does your business need stickers?

Whether you're taking your company to tradeshows, or you just want to leave a lasting memory in-house – high-quality stickers are a great way for every customer, client or associate to take a piece of PR home.

People love novelties and gimmicks, with great looking custom printed stickers, and eye-catching logos, your customers may want to stick your sticker on their laptop, notepad or even water bottle. Your employees will love branding their belongings too. This works as a mini-advertisement and a great way to get your logo and name out there. Bear this in mind when you choose the custom design for your sticker, make it a conversation starter.
When it comes to business stickers, vinyl is the number one choice. The vivid colours will capture attention and interest, they can be stuck on almost any surface and while other businesses’ paper stickers fade away, your vinyl stickers will make your business an everlasting memory and household name for customers. 

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