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Vinyl Stickers for the Win - StickerShop

25 May, 2020

Vinyl Stickers for the Win

water-resistant stickers

If you’re looking for a versatile material to print onto and create your unique stickers and custom labels, then let us introduce you to vinyl.

No, we don’t mean the records owned by your parents and displayed in hipster artisan cafes, we mean vinyl plastic.

Vinyl: The Earth’s friend

Plastic? No. Plastic is a bad word in today’s climate-conscious society, but here lies one of the best reasons to use vinyl stickers for your products, decorations, vehicles, events, and everything in between: Vinyl is easily recyclable and requires fewer natural resources to create. Winner!

The hardest working plastic

Vinyl is also resistant to moisture, humidity and is incredibly strong and durable. It makes the perfect option for adding details onto vehicles as it can create waterproof stickers.

If you need your custom stickers to be attached to a range of traditionally tricky materials like wood or low energy surfaces, High Tack Vinyl printed stickers and labels provide the perfect solution. These can still be cut to any size, have an option of finishes such as gloss or matt, and create water-resistant labels and stickers. At StickerShop, we’ve thought about your needs so much that we’ve even given you the option of using a permanent or extra permanent adhesive. We’re pretty proud of that one!

Versatile vinyl

Whether you’re looking for a custom printed sticker, label printing, or something on a small scale, vinyl is the perfect option. Vinyl can be used for coloured and transparent stickers, meaning you can really make your logo or message pop.

Price competitive

Vinyl is man-made and readily available, so it allows you to access cheap sticker printing with a high-quality finish. Isn’t that the dream?

Customised for you

At StickerShop, we like to offer you a custom printed sticker product that you’ll love. Another reason why we use vinyl. The material allows us to get a clean and clear print whether that’s on fluorescent stickersmetallic gold labels, or even glitter and holographic backgrounds. Admit it, that’s pretty awesome even for us sticker nerds as StickerShop!

Finding your way

While high tack vinyl options will give you the stickiest of stickers, vinyl can also be a great low tack option. If you need exhibition floor stickers, vinyl is the way forward… literally.

It’s all about the labels, Darling!

Vinyl is great for labels as opposed to popular printed paper stickers. If you need to price products, vinyl is much easier to remove so your products won’t be ruined or marked by price labels.

Vinyl versus paper

Are you still stuck between our vinyl offering and our die-cut paper stickers? We’re afraid that one is down to you. But, we advise you to test the material before you spend a single penny. We offer a free sample pack for you to trial. Our packs include different finishes and adhesives so you can be confident in your choice. We send our samples First Class so you won’t be waiting too long to get your paws on the products.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our friendly vinyl-mad team today. We’ve got sticker magic to make!

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