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Kiss Cut vs Die-Cut Stickers | StickerShop

09 Mar, 2022

What's the difference between kiss cut and die-cut stickers?

Kiss Cut Vs Die Cut Stickers

The big difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers is how they're cut out. In the die-cut process, the vinyl and the paper backing are cut to your exact design with no waste - so the shape of the sticker matches the shape of your design. However, with kiss-cut stickers the vinyl is cut to your shape on a square or rectangle backing paper which the sticker can be peeled from.

If you want to make a great first impression with your stickers, you need to get every detail just right. Take something as simple as the way your stickers are cut. Choosing between kiss-cut or die-cut stickers can help you attain the perfect finish.


die cut sticker


A die cut sticker

So which style of cut should you use for your stickers? Read on to discover more about different types of stickers to help you make the right choice for your project.

Advantages of kiss cut

Kiss cut stickers are an excellent choice for ease of use and customisation. Here's why they could be right for your needs:

  • Extra protection

If your sticker design is particularly delicate, the extra space around the sticker gives added durability and helps to protect your design. So you can get really creative knowing your stickers won't tear or crumple.

  • Customisation

You can use the extra space around the sticker to add more information - think of it like a business card. For example, add a link to your store or more info on the product itself. By doing this, you can let your stickers do your marketing for you.

  • Easy peel

If you need to peel a lot of stickers in a hurry, kiss cut stickers are the solution. Simply fold the backing paper to pop the corners of the sticker and peel. As they are supplied on sheets they are very easy for speedy application.

Advantages of die cut stickers

Thanks to the versatility and professional finish of die-cut stickers, you can use them anywhere, from kids' bedrooms to funky address labels. Here's why they could be a good fit for your project:

  • Professional finish

Die cut stickers have a broad appeal because they create a slick and professional finish. By minimising the filler around your design, the die-cut process makes your logo or label really pop for a fantastic finish.

  • Perfect for handouts and give-aways

As die cut stickers are supplied individually, they're great for using as promo material - including in goody bags and handing out to people to spread your brand.

  • Great customisation

Similarly to kiss cut options, you can print custom stickers with a vast range of colours, fancy fonts and different finishes, so you get the precise effect you want from your die-cut stickers. You can really make a statement using fun, eye-catching shapes on labels that wow.

  • Precision packaging

If you're looking to create an attention-grabbing first impression, precision die-cut stickers come in a range of form factors that fit perfectly on tubes, cans and lids. However, if you're a small brand looking to stand out, attention-grabbing packaging can really make a difference.

Which should I choose?

Both kiss cut and die-cut stickers give a great finish depending on the quality of your design. But if you really can't choose, try considering the following factors:

  • Usability: Kiss cut stickers are slightly easier to peel, but both kiss cut and dies cut stickers give a great end result.
  • Durability: Kiss cut protects very fragile designs, but die-cut stickers have a super clean aesthetic that really pops.
  • Cost: Because there's less cutting involved in the production process, die-cut stickers are the most cost-effective choice.

Die-cut stickers from StickerShop

Looking to create that polished and professional look for your packaging? Die-cut stickers are a stylish, durable and highly cost-effective way to add pizzazz to your brand. At Sticker Shop, you can create your perfect sticker design online, then get your custom printed die-cut stickers delivered to your door.

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