Bottle Labels: How To Design Them For Your Company
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Bottle Labels: How To Design Them For Your Company

04 Dec, 2020

How to design the perfect bottle label for your brand

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Here at Stickershop, we’re eager to help you build and grow your business - no matter how big or small - by sharing your brand and artwork with the world through affordable bottle label printing. With a multitude of guides and examples up for grabs on the internet, it’s no wonder all the information can often feel quite overwhelming - from the idea generation to the commercialisation of your product. The process is complex, but bottle labels have a major say in the choices consumers make when it comes to the buyer decision process. This should not be taken lightly by any companies hoping to shake up the market as even established brands, such as Coca Cola, have constantly evolved their logo since their beginnings in 1887.

We’ve got years of experience under our belt, meaning we know the tips and tricks that will help you to design a bottle label that will propel your branding into the limelight.

Choose an appropriate size and font

Creating a label that stands out on the shelf, exudes your brand values, and attracts the attention of the buyer - no matter where it is placed on the shelf - is important, and the first step in achieving this is to think about the logistics. Curved objects, such as bottles, can be tricky when it comes to finding the correct sizing. You may decide on going down the traditional full-wrap label method, or separate front, back, and neck labels. The size and shape of the bottle itself will help determine your label design, too. Playing around with different sizing and fonts can be useful in the early phases, however, setting clear parameters prior to determining other elements of the design is paramount.

Keep it simple and clear

Product labels often consist of a few key features to help demystify the merchandise. Some of these include; the description of the item, its benefits, and the ingredients. Ironically, a clean, effortless design will often help the labelling stand out amongst the competition due to its uncomplicated nature. In a world where over branding is a genuine issue, adding more variables than needed may make your label look cluttered and confusing. Outlining exactly what you need to include, without adding any unnecessary fads, will be enough to appeal to the end-user - no more, no less.

Consistency with your brand

As with any other aspect of your business, your bottle labelling should be as unique as your branding, and help to solidify your overall brand identity. For these reasons, your already established and defined brand guidelines should be including within your design in a coherent way as to convey your distinctive branding characteristics. Never mind the colour schemes and the like, communicating your brand voice consistently reinforces the reliability of your products, and, in due course, your company.

At Stickershop, we pride ourselves on producing high quality, personalised bottle labels to give you an edge on your competitors. With a variety of to choose from, including beer bottle labels, wine bottle labels, and whisky bottle labels, as well as different shapes and sizes, you're never short of options when creating your ideal bottle label with us. Visit our shop to find out more about the process.

However, if you're still unsure, or you have any questions that you'd like to discuss with our experts, why not get in touch with our friendly team who are waiting to help you.

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