Fun and Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers
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Fun and Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers

02 Feb, 2021

Fun and Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers

Over the years, stickers have been used traditionally for promoting brands and increasing product awareness; however, it’s common for people to put them all in the same basket and think that their use is the same. In reality, it’s highly diversified — especially given the sheer array of materials and styles that you can choose from.
When it comes to stickers, as with any other material you choose, there are always several advantages and disadvantages to each type of finish. In the end, it’s all about options and making people remember something about you or your brand.

What are Glossy Stickers?
Unlike matte stickers, glossy stickers are shiny. This type of finish really gets a lot of attention thanks to its high gloss shine and the contrast between colours.
Glossy stickers are often popular because it offers a more subtle decoration compared to other types of stickers. Their bright and shiny surface creates a professional and engaging finish, which draws people’s attention.
If you’re unsure whether you want a glossy or matte finish for your sticker, you should probably go with glossy, as it is more versatile and, for many people, the reflective and shiny aspect is what makes them such an exciting design element.
Besides, glossy labels have special coatings, which makes them more durable and resistant to moisture and water for a limited time.
Since there are subtleties to stickers that may or may not impact your project or brand, and sometimes it’s hard to know what the best choice is for what you have in mind, we have compiled five different ways in which you can use glossy stickers to help you make an educated decision.

5 Creative Ways to Use Glossy Stickers
Here are five ways you can use glossy stickers for your personal projects or your brand:

Sticker Seals
Your brand, logo, and even your name can be turned into an amazing glossy sticker. You can use them in many ways, and one of them is sealing your gift or takeaway packages with your brand, name or logo.
Our printed gloss labels are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, so you can get them personalised as much as possible and place them elegantly on your gifts or packages. Your customers and friends will surely remember your brand or name for long.

Business Cards
Every business owner is constantly on the lookout for personalisation and distinction. To make your business cards memorable and really stand out, you can put some built-in stickers with your brand on your business card. This way, your prospects will not throw them away inside a drawer, but probably will stick your brand or logo on their laptop or notebook.

QR Codes
Another way to use glossy stickers creatively is by getting QR printed as them. Distribute these with your customers and prospects and either direct them to your website or give them special offers.

Product Labels
Given the fact that glossy stickers stand out from many other materials, several brands are now using them to make their product labels, choosing quirky and customised designs to accompany their products.
This gives them the freedom of choosing from different styles and designs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Sticker Packs
You can use glossy stickers to create memorable and engaging sticker packs related to your product and brand. Many businesses are opting for quotes, funny designs and logos.
Additionally, it’s a really good way to address specific interests or participate in a good cause. Your customers will stick them somewhere near or pass them on to an acquaintance.
Glossy stickers are easily accessible and cost-effective. There really is no right or wrong choice when it comes to glossy stickers, it’s all about preferences. We can assure you that your sticker will look amazing!

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