Custom Sticker, UK: What kind of stickers will suit you?
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Custom Sticker, UK: What kind of stickers will suit you?

23 Jan, 2020

Custom Sticker, UK: What kind of stickers will suit you?

custom printed stickers

Stickers are a great option, whether you are looking for a neat way to streamline your wedding invitations, or trying to find inventive ways to add value to your marketing schemes. They are cheap, customisable and flexible, and used by big names like Apple, Intel, and Ford.

Smaller businesses are now catching on to the ease with which a set of custom stickers can extend their marketing reach, and without any extra man-power. Because here is the rub: once a brand sends out a set of stickers, it’s the customers who do the work of sticking the stickers! So both stickers and label printing can be a great benefit to you, whether you want to use them to promote a business, or to organise a classroom praise system.

Choosing the right stickers:

The range of stickers out there is huge and varied now, and it is important to start out by doing a bit of research. Sit down and have a brainstorm what you want from your stickers, and where you envision them being stuck. Outside stickers will require a very different remit than bottle labels, for instance. Find a company, like StickerShop that offers a quick turnaround and the option to have a chat with staff about what your needs are. The experts at StickerShop, for instance, encourage you to use the live chat or email options, or give them a call to discuss how the company can find you the perfect sticker!

What’s out there?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sticker varieties out there, and how they can be used both in business and everyday life.

Label or sticker: it’s not as complicated as it might seem!

The difference between a label and a sticker might seem small, but it makes a massive difference to the average business. Labels are generally bought in much higher quantities, as they are cheaper to produce. They are also made from a slightly thinner material, which means they are quicker and easier to peel and stick on products: Great for labelling up a batch of craft beer bottles! They are an economical option for a business who needs a lot of one design. Stickers, on the other hand, tend to be produced in smaller quantities, but with a thicker, more expensive paper quality. They are ideal for giving out in promotional materials, where customers will handle each sticker individually. Small sticker runs are also great for personalising aspects of important events: weddings; birthdays; concerts and festivals.

Waterproof stickers & water-resistant labels:

If you are looking for a set of labels or stickers that will be used at an outside event, or on a product often used between office buildings or on high streets, then a waterproof material might be your best option. Available with either a permanent or removable adhesive, StickerShop UK provides a great range of waterproof materials. Pick the High Tack adhesive if you are looking for something with some extra stick!

Custom printed stickers and custom labels:

Whether you are designing the launch of a new coffee shop or organising a special event, customisable stickers are a fantastic way to make sure your stickers are right on brand. Upload your design as it is, or have a chat with an artwork expert on the live chat that StickerShop UK provide. They also provide a handy artwork guide that it is definitely worth taking a look at before you start. This includes everything you need to know in order to get your sticker looking perfect. Then go ahead and get creative!

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