Die-cut paper stickers and the art of marketing
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Die-cut paper stickers and the art of marketing

22 Jul, 2019

Die-cut paper stickers and the art of marketing

Die-cut paper stickers and the art of marketing

Die-cut paper stickers and the art of marketing

If you have a private business that could benefit from some new marketing strategies, we have something for you. Especially popular with the younger generations, die-cut paper stickers are a good way to spread the word about your business with a small investment.

In case you haven’t heard about these stickers, let us introduce you to them.

Die-cut paper stickers for maximum use of space

While stickers come in all shapes and designs, this particular kind of paper sticker got its name after the way they were made, more specifically – cut. Die-cutting refers to cutting the printed stickers following the exact line of the original design. This means that the final product has the same shape as the design submitted.

Apart from being more attractive, this type of cutting secures easier removal of the protective layer before applying the sticker to the preferred area. In terms of cost-efficiency, it means that you maximise the printed space you’ve paid for, meaning that nothing is wasted during the application of your stickers.

Die-cut paper stickers and marketing strategies

If you’ve just started a private business or you can’t afford really fancy marketing strategies, using stickers might be your way to promote your business without spending too much.

Die-cut paper stickers are affordable and extremely popular, especially within some specific business branches. For example, if you work in IT, graphic design or any similar field, custom printed stickers that you can hand out to your partners or customers can improve your visibility among other members of those communities.

Also perfect for guerrilla marketing, waterproof stickers could be a hip way to advertise your services. You need an attractive design which you can print on custom stickers and then leave in popular public places around town to help you reach a new audience.

Whether one strategy or the other, your stickers should feature a fresh and interesting design that will make people want to find out more about your business. And die-cut paper stickers are sure to complement your design perfectly.

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