Custom printed stickers for going back to school
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Custom printed stickers for going back to school

25 May, 2020

Custom printed stickers for going back to school

waterproof stickers

Now the government has lifted some of the restrictions that have been in place for the last couple of months due to Covid-19, it’s time to think about going back to work. This is a bit of a depressing thought for some people, but we have the solution to make going back a little more palatable.

Make going back a little bit more bearable by decorating your new stationery, bags, laptops and many other items with our stylish printed custom stickers. Our cheap sticker printing will brighten up your accessories even if you have a tiny budget. Read up on some tips on how you can make going back to your job more appealing and get ready for compliments from your friends and colleagues about your snazzy new decorations. Here are some ideas for what you could decorate with your new custom stickers.

Name tags

If you work in an office or other workplace where you need to leave your outdoor clothes for a period of time, you know that some things can go missing. After all, one black sweatshirt looks like another black sweatshirt in a dark cloakroom. So to prevent this, you need to label all clothes, especially the items that are more likely to go missing, such as outdoor coats, jumpers and bags. Sticker Shop provides a label printing service that allows you to customise these stickers with your name. Custom labels will prevent you from having to purchase more clothes and save you money in the long run.


Everyone wants to go back to work with a great new bag, no matter what age they are. Having a great bag is important and customising it with printed stickers will make it your own and give you a sense of ownership. Of course, bags have to stand up to all sorts of weathers, so instead of attaching paper stickers that will melt in the rain, we provide customised water-resistant labels and vinyl stickers.

Notebooks and stationery

Whether you’re five or 55, buying new stationery is exciting and puts you in the right mindset for starting again. We stock waterproof stickers which are perfect for sticking on notebooks, especially if you are prone to spilling things. Our die-cut paper stickers can be printed with a logo of your favourite band or something relating to your hobby. Another great idea for making stationery a bit more interesting is to use printed paper stickers to attach to pencil cases, rulers, calculators and many other items. These printed stickers and die-cut stickers can always be used for craft projects on a rainy day. Although if your workplace has provided equipment, it is probably better to ask before you customise anything.

Our offer and services

StickerShop offers many varieties of stickers with different finishes, different uses and unlimited customisation options. Our printed stickers are high quality and we guarantee you will be delighted when you receive them. We also offer price labels so if you are a teacher and run the tuck shop at school, these may be useful to set out clear prices of products, and can include your custom printed school logo on them if you desire.

If you are looking for stickers in the UK, look no further than Get in touch today with your requirements and our helpful advisors will find a product that suits your needs. If we can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can create high-quality custom printed labels.

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