What does your visual brand identity say about your business?
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What does your visual brand identity say about your business?

03 Dec, 2017

What does your visual brand identity say about your business?

 Brand identity is important for every business. It represents how you want to be perceived by your customers. If your business has a particular set of values, goals, or products, then the brand identity seeks to advertise this in the best possible way. Your business's brand identity is cultivated through the use of a name, logo, tagline, typeface, and colour scheme. 
Visual branding, as an offset of your brand identity, is how you visually present this perception. If used well, your audience engagement could significantly improve, used incorrectly, and potential consumers could be left feeling confused and uninformed.
To avoid the latter, it’s important that you ask some very specific questions when looking to develop your visual brand identity.
Does it effectively represent your business personality and products?
If you want your business to reflect a specific personality or set of values, this can all be portrayed in your visual brand identity. Use of colour, imaging, and font are your primary tools here, so it’s vital that you make the most of them. Bold colours convey a playful and energising personality, whereas darker or monochrome colours offer a more serious and sombre persona. For a feminine feel, softer colours floral patterns, and clean and simple text are extremely effective. If your business prescribes to a specific set of ethics – eco-friendly, for example – the use of green, earthy colours, images of the world, and highlighted text sections will present this.
Equally, your business is trying to sell a specific product or service. If that service is not represented in your visual branding, your audience may become confused and won’t want to inquire further. 
Does it identify/target a specific demographic?
Before you can adequately answer this question, you must have a good understanding of who your target audience is. Are you a clothing company looking to attract young adults interested in a certain type of music? Or are you a food manufacturer looking to target people of a specific diet or lifestyle? Maybe you’re a tech company seeking to pique the interest of fellow businesses? 
Whoever your audience is, the visual branding needs to reflect their interests. If you’re looking to attract older men in the finance industry, a colourful visual brand combined with a more artistic typeface or ‘comic-style’ logo may not be appropriate. This could perfectly fit a business with a more youthful, or creative demographic. Knowing your audience is everything in visual branding.
Is it clear and consistent?
To ensure that your audience can fully appreciate everything that your visual brand is looking to advertise, it must be clear and easy to understand. Again, this falls down to the simplicity of your chosen design, and the clarity of the colour scheme, and typeface used throughout. If the font used on your website, label, or poster, is too over the top, it could be difficult to read. Equally, if you bombard the viewer with unnecessary information, they won’t want to read it.
Consistency is also vital. Not only does this convey the level of your professionalism within your business, but it will also increase brand awareness.
Is it transferrable?
If you want to keep your visual branding consistent, you need to make sure that it is transferrable across multiple mediums. This includes all digital platforms, including your website, social media, and any blog or content pages. But it is just as important over printed mediums such as product labels, promotional stickers brochures, posters and even company stationary. Once again, this increases brand awareness across a wider client base.
The point of visual branding is to get your business out there and noticed, and with the right materials, you can literally put your name on anything. StickerShop provides high-quality stickers and labels and gives you complete control to create a product that will suitably represent your business, while effectively continuing your visual brand identity. 

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