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What Are Die Cut Stickers? | StickerShop

19 Oct, 2021

What are die cut stickers?

If you’re looking for custom-shaped stickers to help promote your business, then die cut options could be the ideal form for you. But what are die cut stickers, and what’s the best way to use them?


Die Cut Window Stickers


What is die cut in printing?

In the crafting and printing world, die-cutting is a broad term. It’s a way of cutting out shapes with a machine, rather than using a stencil, scissors or a craft knife. Because it involves a machine, it’s a quick and easy way to produce lots of individual cut-out shapes with the same dimensions. This is particularly handy when it comes to creating stickers. As well as making the creation of individual stickers quicker, die-cutting ensures each one is consistent and professional. This method also means you can create separate stickers rather than having them all on one piece of backing paper.

Die-cutting machines can be manual or digital and involve using a metal-shaped object with a raised, sharp area that cuts through paper and card. These objects, known as ‘dies’, are a bit like cookie cutters. The shape of the die will correlate with the shape of the cut-out sticker.

At StickerShop, our machines cut right through the top layer of vinyl and the backing paper, making our stickers easy to pop out individually. 

Are die cut vinyl stickers waterproof? 

Because die-cutting refers to a cutting method, rather than a type of sticker with a set material, it’s possible to get waterproof die cut vinyl stickers. In fact, at StickerShop, our die cut stickers are fully waterproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be a great option for labelling your water bottles or hydro flasks as they won’t disintegrate when you fill up or wash them.

Are die cut stickers more expensive than sticker sheets?

Stickers are, in general, a very cost-effective way to promote your branding, label products, or decorate laptops. If you’re looking to send out multiple stickers to customers, then sticker sheets with lots on the same backing paper may be the cheapest option. Die cut stickers tend to come at a slightly higher price. 

However, if you’re looking for stickers to help you build brand awareness, then die cut designs could actually save you money in the long run. They give customers the opportunity to hand stickers out to other potential customers. 

Are die cut stickers removable?

When you order die cut stickers from StickerShop, you can decide what type of backing you would like. You can choose permanent adhesive for real sticking power or go for removable adhesive, which ensures stickers peel away cleanly.


Top uses for die cut stickers 

Die-cutting allows you to create more complex, custom shapes in a variety of sticker materials. This gives you an excellent chance to create your own unique designs. Here are some of our favourite uses for die cut stickers:

  • Promoting events - because die cut stickers come as individual backed shapes, they’re ideal for handing out to passersby when you have an upcoming event. They can add the sticker to their calendar.
  • Increasing brand awareness - the individual nature means you can include stickers in packages or hand them out at networking events.
  • Decorating washable items - as previously mentioned, our vinyl die cut stickers are fully waterproof, making them a great choice for labelling water bottles, lunch boxes, and other washable containers.
  • Party favours - offer guests a fun treat with a unique sticker. They're Ideal for kids parties as well as professional events. 

Looking for top-quality die cut stickers? With StickerShop, you can select matte or gloss finishes and design your stickers to any custom shape or size. Take a look at our sticker builder, or get in touch if you have any questions!

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