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Marketing In Art - StickerShop

06 Jul, 2018

Marketing in Art

water-resistant stickersIn this modern day and age, it takes little to no effort to promote a product, a service, or even a talent which requires hours upon hours of dedicated work to fulfil. The technological advances in the past few years have been able to bridge not only the limitations of creativity through various media, but also the geographical gaps that are usually the constraints in dealing with a good marketing stint. From aspiring rock artists formed by a group of friends to the local painter in the corner shop, just about anyone in the media industry who aims to provide a reputable service is in need of a good way to branch out and let others know about what they offer.

Artists of all kinds have now reached a wider scope of followers through the help of the internet. Through several platforms, they can expose samples of their artworks or sound clips and let interested individuals get a taste of what they can offer. Alternatively, it is now the hype to create products that will eventually link the items back to the artists they are promoting. Mugs, poster prints, t-shirts, CDs, and even the occasional customised drawing or song dedication often do the trick, but unless the individuals who purchase them actually use them in a public place, the subtle advertising campaign would be limited through word-of-mouth. 


While merchandise and customised pieces created for fan service could lead the way straight to a fan’s heart, these are often expensive and difficult to constantly carry. One cannot wear the very same graphic t-shirt bearing their favourite artist’s work every single day, and neither can they play the preferred CDs out in the open, not everyone has the same tastes, and they cannot force something just because an influence has to be made. Which is why for a more effective solution in handling this kind of dilemma without the drama of arguments and unwarranted attention, the reliable thing to lean on is…

STICKERS. Yes, those adorable, colourful cut-outs meant to grab one’s attention and hold in it for as long as possible. 

Stickers promote a product or a service without the need for loud aesthetics. Serving as badges of support for their idols, they can literally be stuck anywhere, at least within the common understanding that they mustn’t be done illegally. They can come off in various shapes and sizes, not to mention that their very material can also be hand-picked depending on the artist’s preferences.

Aside from expressing their art in a creative way on print, stickers can also generate interest from other wandering eyes. If you stick one on the back of your mobile, people will eventually get to notice it. Placing it on your laptop or tablet casings would do the same trick, and not only would this be a handy way of spreading the word, it would also cost nothing aside from the effort placed in removing the adhesive and slapping it on a surface.

Of course, one also has to make sure that the very material of the sticker is compatible with the surface where you want it to be placed. Something that can be easily torn would not be recommended for items often handled
 and waterproofed or coated papers must be used for those with a threat of contact of water or snow.

Interested in finding the right type of stickers for your art base to spread the word and let more people see your work? Here at Sticker Shop, we provide the best assistance you would ever need. Call us at 01275 217100 or drop us a message at hello@stickershop.co.uk and our team of sticker experts will be there will you in every step of the way. Check us out at https://www.stickershop.co.uk and see the range of our products for your every need.

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