How to Make Your Product Stand Out With The Right Product Label
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How to Make Your Product Stand Out With The Right Product Label

24 Aug, 2018

How to Make Your Product Stand Out With The Right Product Label

Have you ever stood in the middle of a grocery store looking at all the products and finding it hard to make a decision on what to buy, only to end up grabbing the one with the most attractive packaging? We’ve all been there. In a sea of products, with almost unlimited choices, we are naturally compelled to choose one that is most appealing to us. This only proves that packaging, when done correctly, can influence a consumer’s final decision on making a purchase.

But how exactly can you make an eye-catching design for your product label so it stands out among its competitors? Here are some of our tips to help you in designing a label that will ensure that your products fly off the shelves. 

1.       Understand your target market
This first step is very important in designing your product packaging. To be able to make your product stand out, it has to be directed to your target audience. For instance, a sleek and professional looking style can be very attractive, but if your product is created for children then your design is practically useless. 
2.       Keep it simple
Though you want to catch the attention of buyers, this does not mean that you have to overdo your design. Too many colours or graphics may overwhelm consumers and will definitely not increase your chances of being picked from a shelf full of products, and may negatively influence their decision. So instead of going overboard with your designs, opt for a simpler and minimal layout that highlights your product's best characteristics by utilising fonts that are legible and using graphics that are relevant to your product.
3.       Provide the clear purpose of your product
Your products and its product label should not confuse your consumers in any way. Whatever product you have, whether its coffee, shampoo or dog treats, it should be clear to buyers what these products are for and how they will use it. It is best to provide clear and concise information so buyers will be more encouraged to buy your product. With this information, there will be no chance that a consumer will make a purchase only to find out that they don’t know what to do with your product. 
4.       Create a professional looking design
Consumers are always on the lookout for products they can put their trust in. A professional looking product label can highly influence this perception. It will also make a good impression on buyers so they are more likely to pick your product even when it is surrounded by similar items. 
5.       Change with the seasons
This may sound a bit time-consuming but this is a highly effective technique in gaining more customers. You may think that your product label should have a one size fits all design and be good enough for the whole year but having a label that follows the change of seasons will show that your product is relevant and necessary for your consumers through different stages of a year. 
Your product label is one of the biggest factors that would determine if your product stands out from the rest, so creating the right design is vital to your business. If you need experts to help you in designing your product label, StickerShop has an experienced team that is ready to assist you every step of the way. We can provide you with all your label needs. Whether its waterproof stickers, die-cut stickers, die-cut vinyl labels, you can be sure that StickerShop will give you different options to create a label that will make your products stand out and be noticed. For all your concerns, contact us on 01275 217100 or email us at

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