How custom printed labels help promote your coffee brand

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How custom printed labels help promote your coffee brand

08 May, 2019

How custom printed labels help promote your coffee brand

Labelling is incredibly important for your independent coffee business, as it is an integral part of the product. It is vital that your printed paper labels reflect your coffee brand and make customers want to select it up from the shelf. After all,some people judge a book by its cover and the same is true for coffee. Below we share some ideas how custom printed labels help to promote your coffee brand. 

<b>It gets your brand out there</b>

Eye-popping paper labels help to spread the word about your independent coffee brand. Newly found customers are your best friends, as they will use word of mouth to inform family, friends and social media all about your coffee. So, your printed paper stickers need to be appealing.

Let customers know it's your brand

A customer who is searching for your particular brand of coffee needs to be able to locate it quickly, especially when it's along side other brands. So your printed paper stickers should clearly state your coffee brand, be instantly recognisable and easy to read. Be sure to add your brand message and logo.

Promote those offers

One of the huge benefits in using custom paper stickers is that you can order in bulk and use them to promote any upcoming special offers or discounts. This can simply be by incorporating your coffee brand, letting customers know they are getting the same great coffee, for less expense.

Clearly display information

Customers like to know how to prepare their coffee, and other information, for example,  is it a fair trade product? and who made the coffee ?. All of this information can be included on custom stickers.

We can provide your coffee business with custom printed labels. To learn more please do get in touch with us today.

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